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5 Caregiving Tips and Hacks

We have a few tips up our caregiver sleeve that may help make everyday tasks a bit easier!

1. Record Conversations at Appointments

Technology can help when you are not able to be present at your loved one’s doctor appointment. With the doctor’s permission, you can have them record their conversation on a digital recorder or a smartphone. When convenient, play the discussion back to hear exactly what was said during the doctor’s office visit.

2. Use Sticky Notes as Reminders

Help your loved one remember tasks and feel more independent by writing daily reminders on sticky notes in high traffic areas of the home (ie: bathroom mirror or refrigerator) This can help with everyday health and hygiene chores as well as remembering appointments and important activities.

3. Rubberband No-Slip Grips

A quick, easy and inexpensive way to make a glass tumbler or container no-slip is to place rubber bands around the outside to help the hand get a better grip.

4. Use Color Tape to Help Prevent Falls

Does your loved one shuffle their feet or easily trip over things? To help cut down on trips and falls you can place red (or bright colored) tape on all thresholds in the home. The red captures the brain’s attention and forces the eye to look down, helping to prevent trips. You can also outline the edges of steps, coffee tables and doorways with colored tape to help prevent bumps and bruises. 

5. Color Code to Get Organized

Color code documents and important information to help keep everything organized. Use one color for medication, one for dentist appointments information, one for doctor's appointment information and so on. To take it a step further, put each color coded document in it's own envelope or folder. It helps to have everything organized in one place!

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