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Welcoming Spring!

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Spring is the perfect time of year to get outdoors and enjoy nature and some fresh air - this is no exception to caregivers and their loved ones.

The following tips can help you make the most of the season:


1. Get Outdoors.

An overwhelming number of studies show that physical activity is invaluable when combating health conditions and plays a vital role in staying mentally fit. Spring is a great time to resume an old hobby, or pick up a new one. Planting a garden, going on nature walks and birdwatching are all great activities to get you and your loved one outdoors and into the sunshine.

2. Bring Spring Indoors.

The sights and smells of spring can stimulate and uplift the senses, especially if you are caring for a loved one with limited mobility. Grab a bouquet of fresh spring flowers to put in a vase or snag an indoor potted plant. Caring for a plant could be an activity that is looked forward to each day.

3. Prepare for Unpredictable Weather.

Everyone knows spring time weather can often keep you guessing. It can take a while for temperatures to stabilize, being warm one day and chilly the next. Add in spring rain showers and thunderstorms and you'll want to be prepared! Always keep an eye on the forecast when planning an outdoor excursion. It can be helpful to dress in layers to accommodate temperatures changes.

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